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Unit Wolf chapter 1 page 6
So to put it simple, the time i spend messing up with the grays its around the time its around the time it takes me to do the page in color also, I feel really unconfortable drawing in black anf white xD, I mean I always picture the comic like that but thinking about certain moments I think maybe this will be better in the long run. Plus this way I can actually give my best into it. I mean after all this time I know they thing i do best is coloring.

Also I'm going to upload some stuff from the patreon soon, it has realy been long since i post stuff from that here.

And regarding my hand we still dont have a date for the surgery but I will let you know when I do, we are still figuring out payment and stuff.
This is the last doctor we are seeing it has been 3 so far, one for an exam using electrodes. Oh take in count that I don't know the right words in English for some of this stuff so I'm going to try and make it understandable.

So basically there is a nerve that goes along my arm, trough the elbow to the wrist to the tip of my fingers, as you know the fingers that i have in constant numbness and sometimes pain are the pinky and the one next to it.

After the electrodes test the doctor told me that the good news is that after all these months I have barely lost any nerve response in those fingers. And he said that i didn't really need a surgery. That he only recommends it if the response dropped below 30, my score was 47 and 49 and the regular response is 53. But that is for emergencies. My case is not but i need the surgery.

Img 20170622 143414 by the-killer-wc

Today we got to another doctor, a specialist in treating conditions of the nerves and stuff, he is a surgeon. He tested my nerves on my wrist, asked a few questions and after pointing out what i work at, how sometimes i have pain on the wrist after many hours working or when and when not i feel the pain, he then explained clearly what happened.

Img 20170622 143439 by the-killer-wc

Basically, he says, the muscles on my wrist have been working so much every day that they have grown. They have grown so strong that they press the nerves!

I have drawn so much, the muscles in my wrist have gotten over 100% passing the regular limit of space it has in the small space that is the wrist and started compressing the nerves in my hand.

I had to ask the doctor again because it sounded a bit kind of exaggerated but considering the amount of time that i work on this and that i literally don't take any day to stop working, it took sense the muscles grow like that, so yeah apparently that is it.

And i need surgery to pull the nerve out of between the muscles or at least that is what i understand so that it stops being compress. The surgery is simple really he says i didn't even need that much of a recovery rest just like a week so that it heals perfectly and dont lift heavy stuff for a few weeks after the surgery.

Im still really nervous but, it kind of got me relief, if it is that simple of a surgery then i will try to do it so that I dont have to work in pain.

And that's also why rehabilitation wasn't doing anything to me, it was just exercising the same muscle that was already growing.
UW chapter 1 Page 5
This thursday is the date with the third doctor, but the second one as I said before told us I might not need the surgery, here im hoping that's true. Next page something i have been thinking to do. Just in case it doesn't get trough that thing breaking? just the armor energy shield, nothing internal.

I want to thank everybody who has been giving me support on my comic, we are only 5 pages in but im going to the keep going, for at least 50, here im hoping it picks popularity as it goes, i know since its the first few pages i cant expect too much but im sure it will get a better reception as it goes forward.
Page 4
Ok regarding my surgery, i still dont have a date seted get, we still need a few more tests, the doctor told us that I might not need it. Im still going too get a few more opinions because he told me the area that needs the surgery will be the elbow, it would of be a bigger surgery than if it was the wrist, but he says i might not need the surgery. We still need a few more tests but here im hoping that I dont need that surgery. Here im drawing with the elbow out of the table like he told me to do.

Now regarding the comic well... I´ll be honest i think im going to change it to color at some point. Back in the day before i got my tablet i used black and white a lot on my comics and I like it, but honestly after doing so in here, im not liking it. But hey im still just starting, just a thing for sure i say around 15 pages more before i fix that.
So this is something I need to get out of me. Remember the whole thing with my fingers being numb? Well, to be honest, i have been lying, I said I was getting better but I wasn't the situation only got worst for my hand in this past months. I just wanted people to stop worrying about me, the treatments did nothing to slow down the numbness and now I feel pain. Sometimes I get small spasms. I check with a doctor today that my therapist recommended.

He says its cubital tunnel syndrome, I need to get an operation in my wrist to "free the nerve", the good thing is they told me is nothing serious, the recovery is fast and I won't get any trouble after. He assigned some medical exams first but the surgery will be made soon. I'll continue to work what I can before the surgery, after that I guess I'll take some time without work.

The surgery is affordable, I can pay it. Especially because of the difference in pay with dollars and bolivares.

To be honest this scares me. It's what I do for a living is what I like to do the most. And there are so many things that can go wrong on a surgery. I don't want to risk losing my hand movement or something. But if I don't do this I risk losing my hand grips at a long rate of maybe a year. And how the hell I'm gonna work without holding the pen.


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i understand your very buisy and I'm not trying to pressure you or anything and I. Sorry if I a, comeing off like that just wanted to give you a possible candidate that way you can get a break from tigress wedgieing you more often
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